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The Story of Two Very Different Friends

From マルシャ...

One is here, one lives there.
One is a little taller than the other.
Two different colours of skin,
two different outlooks on life,
two very different views from their windows.
Both have different tomorrows ahead.
Each is unique in so many ways.
Each has her own story,
with all the busy things going on in the present.
Each has different work to do and different demands on the day.
Each has a separate destination and a distinctly different path to get there.

For all the things that might be different and unique about them...
These two friends will always share so much.
They will always be the best of friends and family,
etwined together,
through all the days of their lives.
Their love will always be very special;
gentle and joyful when it can be,
strong and giving when it needs to be,
reminding them,
no matter how different their stories turn out...
they share the incredibly precious gift of being "friends".
And when you think of some of the best things
this world has to offer,
a blessing like that is really...
what it's all about.


::25 Muharam 1431H::

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